How to Start?

Start Work and start earning immediately! 

You never have to pay for anything at any stage. 

Powered by most trusted brand in online recruitment in Pakistan.   

Step 1: If you are new at BrightSpyre then first create your account at from here

Step 2: If you are already registered on Brightspyre then login on BrightSpyre. On the home page you can see a link "Start Work". Click on the screen and follow the instructions. 

Step 3: In next screen you see a list of tasks. Each task has a training mode that a user can complete in 10 minutes. Once you are out of training mode you start actual work. Each task has the points listed that you earn by completing the task successfully. 

Step 4: You will see the amount you have earned after completing the task successully. 

Step 5: Please choose the task that you want to perform carefully and follow the instructions given before starting the tasks. There is no payment for in-complete tasks or accuracy level drops below the level mentioned in each task.